Here is the list of common questions we received during promotion and tests. If you already have the device or planning on purcasing it and haven’t found an answer, feel free to ask your question by filling this form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

  • Q: What the device is?

A: Device is an electronic self-contained unit with a wide set of various settings. The device physically is a small box with sensors, buttons of management and two displays.

  • Q: What the device is intended for?

A: The device intended for trainings in ten-pin bowling. The main mission of the device – display the number of the board on which the ball passes the device in real time. The device can be placed between pair of lanes at any point. Suction cups in the lower part of the device allow to place it on a casing of Capping which goes along every lane. Usually, the device is placed at the breakpoint or target point.

  • Q: I am not strong in electronics whether I will be able to operate and train with the device?

A: The device is very simple and easy to use. There are only 3 buttons for device operation and calibration. Before the first use, the device needs to be calibrated. Calibration process is easy and takes only few minutes. Once calibrated, the device can be used at the same bowling continuously. At a standard layout of elements of a bowling lane, additional adjustment of height of the sensor isn’t required.

  • Q: What is the precision of the device?

A: The device uses high quality sensors with only 3 mm (0,12 in) precision. Therefore it is possible to speak about accuracy of 1 board.

  • Q: The device settles down between bowling lanes whether the ball can incidentally get to it?

A: No. If the ball went to the gutter closer to the foul line than the device, it will not touch the device. Construction of the device is made to fit on a capping with suction cups in the lower part of the device which allows it to keep on its place.

  • Q: How long the device works at one charging?

A: The device is equipped with high capacity LiIon rechargeable battery. Once charged, the device can work about 40 hours. It means that with common usage (trainings ~2 hours/3 days a week) it will work more than one month on one charge. The device has a “low battary” indicator on it.

  • Q: How much time do I need to charge the device?

A: Normal charging time is 6~8 hours. It means you can charge it at night to be ready practice next day.

  • Q: When is the device available for sale?

A: The device is ready for shipment within US in early August 2019. You can pre order it right now by filling in a simple form on our website.

  • Q: Are there any restrictions for operation of the device?

A: The device can be used at any bowling alley. For a stable and accurate operating of the device it should be placed no less than 5 meters (~16 ft) from walls or columns on its sensor side. With present firmware we can guarantee a very accurate showing of the break point for right-handed players.

First presentation of device, May 2016